Béton Ciré surfaces

Waterproof and resistant to abrasion

Polished concrete worktops

Sophisticated and beautiful styling

Suitable for wetrooms

Unique alternative to tiles

Extremely durable

Ideal for highly frequented areas

Available in over 50 mineral colours

Creating memorable spaces

Warmth and texture

For homes, hotels, workspaces

Stylish yet functional

Practical and beautiful Béton Ciré flooring

Bespoke and unique designs

Microtop concrete furniture

Béton Ciré Wet and Steam Rooms

Waterproof, bespoke and stylish

Unique Contemporary Kitchens

Stunning hand-crafted béton-ciré finishes

Specialists in Béton Ciré – Micro Top Polished Concrete

An extraordinary range of intriguing, luxurious polished concrete wall and floor finishes and designs. We create durable and beautiful surfaces for interiors and exteriors in residential and commercial environments.

Beautiful Contemporary Designs

The revolutionary cement and resin-based decorative plaster called Micro Top Polished Concrete (or commonly known in France as Béton Ciré) is widely used in hotels, apartment buildings, restaurants, museums, boutiques and private houses. It can provide a decorative finish in contemporary spaces or blend naturally into traditional decors, depending on the desired effect.
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Over 20 years Experience & Proven Expertise

We offer an excellent service with superb craftsmanship. Our vast expertise in the application of Béton Ciré – Micro topped Polished Concrete ranges from small projects for individual home owners to big commercial projects, working alongside architects, interior designers and contractors to achieve bespoke, stunning finishes.
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Béton Ciré – Micro Top CONCRETE is fast becoming a popular choice among style icons for interior design, providing not only longevity but also a stunning, unique finish. Here is a selection of our projects.

Bathrooms & Wetrooms ››

Unique, beautiful and waterproof Béton Ciré finishes

Kitchens & Worksurfaces ››

Béton Ciré kitchens and bespoke concrete worktops

Staircases ››

Modern and hardwearing Micro topped concrete stairs

Swimming Pools & Patios ››

Bespoke, brilliant and waterproof Béton Ciré outdoors

Furniture & Objects ››

Brilliantly designed concrete furniture, modern & stylish

Walls & Floors ››

Seamless and hardwearing polished concrete surfaces
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